Vino rosso, Vino blanco?

Which wine for what reason?

Already the ancient Romans knew her Vino enjoyable and mood characteristics award, not only the poet Ovid in his Ars Amandi, but was generally with the sentence given” in vino veritas” some Veritable about the wine to the best. Today, the juice of the grape is to have with an immense wealth of the discounters to upscale wine shop and to admire. There are so many of contemporaries, however, is spoiled for choice, worse still, he does not know what he should offer his friends and guests. There is no help and the necessary knowledge base, without having to scroll through endless wine breviaries, but following the wine- academic Denis Duhme, so as to nearly all occasions, the correct selection can be made.

First the food, then the wine

“First of all you should know that even the best wine in the world is worthless if it is served at the wrong food,” says Duhme.”Consider, then, what comes in the evening on the table before your wine search begins. It should complement the flavor of the dish, so it does not cover, nor perish in it. “Whether you prefer your wine in the supermarket, shop or buy directly from the winery, is left to your own needs. There’s also the best wine in the supermarket, yes. In stores you can get, but usually a higher quality and better advice.

The initial assessment

In most cases, you cannot taste the wine on site. So you need to fix your assessment based on a few details. Duhme: “At the price can be seen at least to some extent, whether you can count on quality or not. Wine for 1.99 € cannot keep up with those for 12 € and more . From about 5 €’s drops are in the middle-grade segment, “Now look on the label. Look for prestigious seal of approval, or awards. Perhaps experts have put almost tried them and found the drops for good. Especially considered awards of “Mundus Vini” are the “Sydney International Wine Competition” and the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Also, reviews of U.S. critic Robert Parker, an absolute magnitude in the international wine business.

The vintage of a wine should also be an indicator for you. “Very good qualities have long shelf life, so you should use preferred young wines, especially in the supermarket. This applies mainly for white wine, would make it quite quickly in the market. Older than two years, he should therefore not be. Red wine should be stored longer, however, before he goes into the bottle. That can ever be up to five years, “says the wine academics. Whether a wine with a cork or screw cap is, incidentally, not a quality label. There’s now very good wine with two variants. Bottles with synthetic corks are in most cases but not in the top segment, the analyst said.

Appearance and odor

The restaurant, at the wine tasting or to invitations, you can bring more meaning into play. Look first at the color of the wine. The brighter, the easier it is. The darker, more powerful – or older. Swirl the wine in the glass now. Let it breathe, because that is the flavor develops better and paves the way for the smell test. Where: The longer the smell in the nose, the higher the quality of wine in general.

About the taste of wine, you can also detect errors. Does it smell musty after some wet rag, the wine has probably cork. They smell absolutely nothing, the good wine is perhaps still too cold. If not, you might just keep filling station quality in your hands. Good wine smells – quite simply.

The taste

Your first sip you mix it with lots of air and then leave it for an instant effect in the mouth. Distribute it – even on the palate, which you can about a Chardonnay perceive as particularly fusible. The tongue itself is not really important. You can only perceive sweet, sour, salty and bitter. “Why can finally taste wine is so versatile, especially in the retro nasal perception. So from what you go through the nose, “said Duhme.


Have you made a distinct impression that you can swallow. The more you taste the wine while still sustained, the better its quality. Taste it to you or not, what follows is probably the most important question? “Your subjective perception plays a decisive role,” the analyst said. “The wine may still be high. If he will not like it, maybe because of too much acid, it is not just right for you. ”

“Is to become wine expert, a process?”

The more wines you taste it, the better. Like to experiment. Only those who sometimes deliberately drinking fine wines, knows what means bad. And do not neglect theory. Where are the best wine regions? What are the characteristics of different varieties? These are all about, that you can continue to improve your hit chance to handle the strong wine rack. Practical knowledge of wine, it is by our expert Denis Duhme in his book “Weinkompakt”.


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