The first and the ten millionth Ford

Henry Ford

The first and the ten millionth Ford

To the 150 Birthday of the US-American Pioneer of the Car Construction

The founder of the Ford Engine Company born on the 30th of July, 1863-one of the most important industrial welfare of all times- has revolutionized the car construction at his time as he made the car a mass-produced article by introduction of the production line. With it he succeeded the world like no other change; since still today the biggest car manufacturers of this world produce after the industrial manufacturing method fictitious by him.

Henry Ford was born in the provincial town Wayne County, close to Dearborn, to the west of Detroit, on the farm of his parents, William Ford (1826-1905) and Mary Litogot O’Hern (1839-1876), who had immigrated from the county Cork in Ireland. Henry was oldest from a total of six children and could visit in the rural area only the village school. Already as small boy he was very much interested in mechanical constructions and showed high craft talent, so that he developed his first internal combustion engine already at the age of fifteen .

In 1879 he left his parental home and moved close to Detroit to finish his apprenticeship there as a machinist. After his education he thought of employment with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he dealt with internal combustion engines. In 1891 Ford put that as an engineer with Edison Illuminating Company, named according to the famous founder and manager Thomas Edison to whom he was connected during later years even further friendly. Then after his rise to chief engineer in 1893 he found enough time to deal intensely with his personal researches in internal combustion engines. His experiments found her climax in 1896 in the completion of a self-powered vehicle, the Quadricycle. With this 4-wheeled car for the first time four stroke engine with two cylinders and four HP, which was apostrophised wrong-wise as the first car, Ford could land his first big coup. Nevertheless, as in Carl Benz, inventor of the car by his first three-wheeled vehicle continues.

Then in 1899 Ford made the first attempt of an enterprise foundation which failed, nevertheless, already two years later by invest, because his developed delivery Van with a price of nearly $ 1,000 was too expensive. Then three years later he founded his legendary enterprise, the Ford Engine Company, which he led up to his death with the biggest commitment and success to the world point. Named above all with the Ford model T created in 1908, legendary “Tin Lizze”, in Germany disparagingly as “Sheet Liesel” he made till 70s years the mostly sold car type of the world only by more than 15 million-sold vehicles between 1908 and 1928 . Only the VW BEETLE 45 years later set a new world record-number of pieces. Besides, for help came to him the invention of the production line with which he could bring the car type for a very low price of $ 300 under the people. There came, that the construction time of the car from 14 to less than 2 hours decreased, so that the price of 850 could be reduced to the aforesaid $ 300. His other big models which met approval in the engine world worldwide as a selling favorite were:

Ford Shelby GT500: First money spinner to Tin Lizze

Ford model A: The Ford Car saver

Ford Taunus 12m: Entrance into the Modern Age

Ford Granada: Favorite in the Middle class

Ford Capri: Sport with Ford

Ford Mustang: The legendary Sports-car

In spite of the modern production methods and economic dominance Henry Ford was a bitter opponent of the trade unions; nevertheless, paid clearly higher wages than the competition by which he made his workers even the consumer of his cars and could bind with it the best skilled workers in Detroit to himself.

Therefore Ford could reach as a producer reputation, became less of meaning against political and journalistic work, particularly as he got Involved in very anti-semitic tones, among the rest, with the writing: “The International Jew -a monetary problem” . Thus ingloriously did his connection exist from 1940′s with the German Empire and Hitler for whom he produced truck and track-laying vehicles for the Second World War since the 1940s years. Also the industrial production line production found increasingly sharp critics, as for example by Charlie Chaplin in 1936 in his film “Modern Times” in which the efficiency and production costs sinking with it became by the unreserved subordination of the person under the production process problematized. And so today in Detroit, the town of which became an industry since Henry Ford, the symbol for the success of the American car is threatened by insolvency and throws it with a dark shade on the industrial modern age of her creator Henry Ford and his comrades-in-arms.

The Auto tycoon passed away in 1947 at the age 83 years in his hometown Dearborn and was buried in the city of Detroit on the “Ford cemetery” founded by him.




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