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Count Dracula - 100 Years of “Undead”

100 years ago, Bram Stoker, the Irish author died to whom we owe the figure of Count Dracula and the vampire-in the order of our well-known form: as a blood- sucking creature who sleeps in a coffin, not the sun endures, and only can be carried with a pole through the heart finally.

Nearly seven years Stoker wrote on his book, until the first vampire´s novel in world literature in 1897 arose from the “Crypt”. As a model of Dracula served him the legend of the cruel Transylvanian Prince Vlad III. , of which him in 1890 the Hungarian professor Hermann Vámbéry had reported. Contrary to his mother, who prophesied great recognition and a lot of money through the novel, Stoker died already in relatively poor conditions 68 years old, while his work soon after became a worldwide success and was later translated into more than 40 languages.

Bram StokerA horror story of love, loss, ambition and fear. Count Dracula fascinates the reader with his meticulous planning, his supernatural forces and weaknesses. Stoker has not invented Dracula, but what is remarkable about his work is that it is the imagination of the reader has captured even the next generations. Movies, books, short stories, comics, TV series – Count Dracula has inspired them all.

Of particular significance were the numerous film adaptations of the Dracula material, while in general has been spread that the novel is counted to “the world’s most famous unread books” . However, most assumed that at least the script writers must have been interested in the vampire´s material.

The classic film adaptations of Count Dracula was “Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror” (1922) by the German director F.W. Murnau, a silent film, which was not addressed due to inheritance disputes with the author’s family as “Count Dracula”, but with “Nosferatu”,in the Romanian “undead”. Since then, there was a greater number of other film versions and parodies, such as Roman Polanski’s “Dance of the Vampires” (1967) and most recently, directed by Francis Coppola “Dracula” (1992). Particularly impressive and bloodthirsty was previously Christopher Lee (1959) in the role of the Count.

But even to this day Stoker’s novel has remained undiminished relevance, especially to put the new vampirism around literary and cinematic trends. Corresponding blood boosters were recently released by the “Twilight” series, starring with Robert Pattinson triggering almost a teenager´s vampire hype. The resilience of the myth of vampirism as a metaphor for sexual bondage or hypnotic power that is able to exert over the vampire about all female, will be able to pull certainly the man to continue his special spell.

Dracula by Terence Fisher with Christopher Lee


The most important Dracula films:

1922 Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
1958 Dracula by Terence Fisher with Christopher Lee
1967 Dance of the Vampires by Roman Polanski
1979 Nosferatu – Phantom of the Night by Werner Herzog


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