Fathers and sons

Special respect of bit by bit become adult sons to her parents more specifically to her father`s very appropriately. The implementation is apt very well to submit the relation of “fathers and her sons” to a thorough check, if in addition still enough time remains.

Star Wars

If somebody asked my father who I am and what I do, his answer would be fine: “He is present in Berlin, works of so near newspaper. If he is a good boy, however, could shave once more.” More I have to say on the subject “Fathers and her sons” not really. Actually.

Since paradoxically it is written about little more than about well-spoken speechlessness in families: possibly about the impressive ability of many mothers to mean always something else than they say. No description of the friend of the son is more destructive than “this nice, a little bit strong”. Nothing dresses up the reproach for rare parental visits clearer than “was in such a way nice, when it were the last time here. When was this once more?” Many fathers donate among her children clearly less linguistic confusion. They are quiet simply.

The speechlessness between fathers and her sons is an art whose details appreciate only a few. Besides, almost every man knows the genre classic: the parental telephone call. After a felt eternity in which son and mother talk at cross-purposes with each other and later on, it points out, how a pity she thinks that it has not worked with the nice some strong, she orders her husband to the phone: “The boy is in it.”

During the following five minutes, a lot of silence can be filled astonishingly. Everything what father and son have never said each other also leave here in detail outside before. One talks away about weather, sport, work, and politics, and according to weather three or four things badly get away. The son knows that he has really arisen if he asks himself while putting on for the first time whether to his father the telephone call was possibly as disagreeable like him himself.

I know several men who have put it to themselves to the aim to become the opposite of her father. The anti-dad-being has become the core of her self-image as a man. Men as if they are responsible for the fact that the unskinful hatches Skywalker became the idol of whole Jung’s generations. But who hears already on me? I was with star War also for Darth Vader.

It seems reasonable for men to define itself in demarcation to the Dark Father, because he has not fulfilled the childish longings for recognition and escort, because he was despotic, because he has left the family, or because he wanted to enslave the galaxy. Many men grow up with sometimes clearly, sometimes vaguely formulated order of her mother: Become a better man than your father! This is an excessive demand of her son who can develop thus no positive masculinity picture. These are also insults of the child father as well as the involuntary admission of the mother that she has a miserable man’s taste. And a sky-loud injustice: At least, sacrifices itself at the end Darthy.





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