MY CRN Chopi Chopi80m_r

ITALIAN SHIPYARD CRN’S LARGEST MEGAYACHT CROWNED WINNER AT THE WORLD SUPERYACHTS AWARDS Italian shipyard CRN has been honoured with the prestigious award “Judges Commendation” for its M/Y Chopi Chopi 80m superyacht at this year’s “The World Superyachts Awards” on 3 May 2014. CRN, part of the Ferretti Group, specialises in the construction of fully-customised megayachts, [...]

John Cage


John Cage-For 100th Anniversary of the Pioneer of Musical Avant-garde The American composer John Cage, born on 5.Sept.1912 in Los Angeles, is with its revolutionary principles of composition one of the innovators of the music of 20th century. As student of Arnold Schoenberg and Henry Cowell ,he gave to the avant-garde the main impetus for [...]

Wrong Snake


Wrong Snake Markus Luepertz once said in an interview that he hates sofas. Because – as he postulated – a sofa paralyzes man. True. The Italian company is known for its Edra not archetypal design concepts – always surprising perspectives that whirled through the usual forms and functions. Learn the architecture and interior design-study transitions, [...]

A symbol of erotic superlative


Druuna, a Symbol of Erotic Superlative Few comic book have caused so much excitement as that of Paolo Aleuteri Serpieri developed and drawn figure Druuna. A publisher was after the release because of legal rulings, including house searches, in the knee. Passion can end cruel. The mid-80s the comic appeared on the German market. The [...]

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982.

To the 85. Birthday of South America`s most famous Author With his 1967 Novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” Gabriel Garcia Marquez established his worldwide fame as a Colombian author. The writer later promoted to the Nobel Prize Laureate with the graying mustache recently celebrated on 6 of March his 85. Birthday. In the small [...]

Aids Memorial New York


Aids Memorial New York – FORMBEIRAT New York City is a synonym for multifacetedness, tolerance, and zest for life. No other city in the world embodies that nimbus more profoundly. The memorial will represent one facet of this city: HIV, the pandemic of our time. It will honor the city’s more than 100,000 AIDS victims [...]

Laokoon – The ideal of the father-figure


Laokoon – The ideal of the father-figure Even the small ten-year pupil who ascended the steps of the humanistic high school of Katharineum to Lübeck to the art classroom coined in the stair hall the gigantic marble group of Laokoon as an ideal image of Greek art in his subsequent consideration of the ancient world. [...]

August Macke


August Macke- To the 125th birthday of the great German expressionist “He has given from us all the colours of the brightest and purest sound, so bright and clear as his whole being was“. August Macke is one of the best known German expressionists. With its colorful, luminous images and idyllic motives he can still [...]