Transalpine Run 2014


Powered by: P4_PLAKAT Vaxicum_10.07_final     Transalpine Run -No Pain No Gain 8 days can be long, in 8 days, a lot can be done. 8 days, that’s more than a week. Running across the Alps in 8 days is an enormous, energy-sapping challenge. About 600 runners from all across the globe wanted to do exactly [...]


MY CRN Chopi Chopi80m_r

ITALIAN SHIPYARD CRN’S LARGEST MEGAYACHT CROWNED WINNER AT THE WORLD SUPERYACHTS AWARDS Italian shipyard CRN has been honoured with the prestigious award “Judges Commendation” for its M/Y Chopi Chopi 80m superyacht at this year’s “The World Superyachts Awards” on 3 May 2014. CRN, part of the Ferretti Group, specialises in the construction of fully-customised megayachts, [...]

Iceman Polar Race

Iceman 3 - credit Tangent Expeditions

MONTANE Iceman Polar Race Taking place from 13th-25th April 2014, this race will see competitors endure challenging sub zero temperatures in the beautiful and remote region of the high Arctic. Hurry Fjord, the spectacular Liverpool Land mountains and Greenland’s most remote village of Ittoqortoormiit form the backdrop to a new concept in extreme adventure racing. [...]

“Where the trail Ends”

Where The Trail Ends, Darren Berrecloth – Action, 05.Dec 2011 Page

World Premiere of “Where the trail Ends” to stream live on The long-awaited freeride mountain bike film, Where The Trail Ends, has finally arrived. On September 19th, 2012, Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment will premiere their latest cinematic creation in The Pearl Theatre at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. All the [...]

Wrong Snake


Wrong Snake Markus Luepertz once said in an interview that he hates sofas. Because – as he postulated – a sofa paralyzes man. True. The Italian company is known for its Edra not archetypal design concepts – always surprising perspectives that whirled through the usual forms and functions. Learn the architecture and interior design-study transitions, [...]

NDC – Namib Desert Challenge 2012


Namib Desert Challenge – 228km in five days This event was an adventure – not just for extreme athletes The trip to Namibia started in the morning of March 25th. Just after seven in bright sunshine, we entered the country in which Germany had left a long, long time his tracks. Sun, desert and competition [...]

A symbol of erotic superlative


Druuna, a Symbol of Erotic Superlative Few comic book have caused so much excitement as that of Paolo Aleuteri Serpieri developed and drawn figure Druuna. A publisher was after the release because of legal rulings, including house searches, in the knee. Passion can end cruel. The mid-80s the comic appeared on the German market. The [...]

Brave and wild…


joberg2c – the extreme mountain biking event The Old Mutual joBerg2c Race, a 900 km long mountain bike race through South Africa. 27 April to 5 May 2012 team-androgon participates and will report on … The Old Mutual joBerg2c is riding the off-roads less travelled and trails never travelled. It is racing, riding and touring [...]

Sparta – An Antique Educational Model?


Sparta – An Antique Educational Model? Whenever the spirit of times comes to the limits of its development or cannot cope to the prevailing conditions , such as in our postmodern times, where the elites have failed fundamentally in politics, economy and culture, the public will look for “real” models ; as for example with [...]

The Fear of the “Black Swan”


“The Fear of the “Black Swan” The Black Swan, in the animal kingdom, a rare species whose natural range lies in the far away Australia and New Zealand, is considered, until its discovery in the 18th century, as a symbol for something non-imaginable and was now regarded as a metaphor for very rare events, but [...]