Henry Ford

The first and the ten millionth Ford

To the 150 Birthday of the US-American Pioneer of the Car Construction The founder of the Ford Engine Company born on the 30th of July, 1863-one of the most important industrial welfare of all times- has revolutionized the car construction at his time as he made the car a mass-produced article by introduction of the [...]

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean-Paul Belmondo 2001, Source: Georges Biard

  Jean-Paul Belmondo  – Even with 80 “Breathless” French cinema legend Jean-Paul Belmondo, recently celebrated his 80th Birthday; an international star, not only in France but also in the whole world. But before him, the Dean of the Comédie Française had already predicted early “With her looks he’ll make it in this profession never far!” [...]

Topless in Beirut – b 018


Topless in Beirut or Orpheus in the Underworld Beirut – better known as a hotbed of radical “elements” with the aim to boycott of any order and state formation. We remember the Foreign Legion and the U.S. Marines, who tried in the 80s to bring order. We remember the tragic bombings of the multinational headquarters, [...]

Fathers and sons


Special respect of bit by bit become adult sons to her parents more specifically to her father`s very appropriately. The implementation is apt very well to submit the relation of “fathers and her sons” to a thorough check, if in addition still enough time remains. Star Wars If somebody asked my father who I am [...]

The Fear of the “Black Swan”


“The Fear of the “Black Swan” The Black Swan, in the animal kingdom, a rare species whose natural range lies in the far away Australia and New Zealand, is considered, until its discovery in the 18th century, as a symbol for something non-imaginable and was now regarded as a metaphor for very rare events, but [...]